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Your Essential LIQUID SPIRIT Gozo Packing Guide

Ensure You’re Well-Prepared With Our No-Fails LIQUID SPIRIT Gozo Packing Guide.

Gozo promises sun-kissed adventures, rich cultural exploration, and unparalleled locations, LIQUID SPIRIT Gozo promises, dancing, drinking, eating, connecting with friends, and an overall joyful and memorable experience, so make sure you are ready for whatever we may throw at you! We’ve compiled the essential packing guide for your soulful holiday in the sun.

Leave your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep. Just direct your feet, to the sunny side of the street...

1. Get Sun Ready

Right. Gozo is HOT in September but we are lucky enough to have the breeze, so pack lightweight, breathable clothing to combat the Mediterranean sun. Essentials include swimsuits, comfortable shorts, sundresses, and a hat for sun protection. Layers work well so you can mix and match according to the time of day.

liquid spirit gozo packing guide

2. Dependable Footwear

As Gozo beckons exploration, it's hot and there will be LOTS of dancing, bring light and comfortable footwear. Sliders or flip-flops are essential as are comfortable trainers and dancing shoes at night.

liquid spirit gozo packing guide

3. Beach Essentials

Gozo’s beaches and swim spots call for essentials like sunscreen, a beach towel, sunhats, a cover-up and a reusable water bottle. Pack a handy fold-up beach bag for those daily necessities and check out the merch for LSG here.

4. Light Outerwear for Cooler Evenings

Evenings can bring a cool breeze, so a light jacket, shawl or scarf is ideal for al-fresco dinners or stargazing (Oh the staaars!). The weather nowadays is more unpredictable than ever, so always have a fold-up lightweight raincoat with you just in case. September is technically the start of the rain season and although rare, quick showers can happen.

liquid spirit gozo packing guide

5. Multi-Power Adapters

The essential packing guide to Gozo would not be complete without ensuring your gadgets stay charged! Malta uses a UK-style three-pin plug, so a power adapter is a handy addition to your suitcase.

6. Medications and First Aid

Carry any necessary medications, a basic first aid kit, and motion sickness remedies if you are susceptible to travel sickness. Bookmark the Gozo Emergency services just in case.

7. Snorkeling and Water Activities Gear

Packing snorkeling gear is essential for the explorers, alongside extras such as a waterproof phone case, and a dry bag that would enhance your aquatic adventures. They actually sell these at the beach shops too, if you don't want to bring your own. Experiencing underwater wonders such as the Blue Hole is amazing!

liquid spirit gozo packing guide

8. Cultural Attire for Churches

Visiting the island’s historic churches may require modest attire. Be prepared with clothing that covers shoulders and knees for these cultural excursions.

9. Get The LSG2024 Exclusive Merch

This year we have upped our game when it comes to festival merch. Our 'keep 'em cool/hot' thermal cups are just the ticket for the event, keeping those drinks ice cool for up to 4 hours. Also - we have 2024 fans that are literally a must! Until our official shop is launched you can grab yours here.

liquid spirit gozo packing guide

10. Travel Documents and Currency

Don’t forget your passport! Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but it happens! Also, pack your travel insurance and any other necessary documents you may need. Ensure you have some local currency (Euros) for convenience like the local grocery stores etc. In most places, you can tap away with your phone or cards and the whole island (and 99% of Europe) uses Revolut. A handy neobank that you can top up without paying hefty fees. Join here. You can use it immediately on your phone, even without a card.

Pack your bags with these essentials, and let the magic of LIQUID SPIRIT Gozo unfold before you. From sun-soaked dancing days to dancing under the stars, a well-prepared suitcase is your key to a stress-free escape.

More info about all things Gozo from our partner site, your essential Gozo Guide and interactive platform, Gozo In The House here.


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